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Doing Our Part

Our accountant Diana is a regular traveler to the Yucatan, in rural Mexico. Over the years she has been visiting she has gotten to know the local community and has become close friends with her neighbours Vicente Estrella Salub, his wife Teresa and their family. Vicente and his family truly embody the Mexican spirit, friendly, kind and willing to invite anyone into their home for great food and great hospitality.

Local communities within Rural Mexico suffer from high rates of poverty and high crime, as you can imagine Vicente and his family are not as fortunate as we are here in Canada. Vicente and his family have welcomed Diana with open arms expecting nothing in return and sharing what little they have with their friends to the North. Over the years Diana has helped the family build a better life for themselves providing the family with much needed necessities that they would have otherwise done without.

Fawdry Homes was moved by Vicente and his families’ altruistic nature and wanted to help. We are committed to providing the family with the essentials that they need, and as a home builder the best way we can help is to renovate their home one step at a time. The last time Diana was in Mexico Fawdry Homes contributed by providing the family with a custom security front door for their home. To further help those in the local community we hired a local tradesman Antonio,  to build and mount the door for the family.

We in Canada take these little luxuries for granted, for Vicente this front door will provide his family with increased security, peace of mind and protection. Something as simple as a front door allows Vicente increased mobility, with his family knowing that their home is protected by a locked security door.

As we celebrate the Christmas season it’s important that all of us be grateful for what we have and give what little we can to help those who are not as fortunate as we are.